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David Kaiser

Germeshausen Professor of the History of Science and Professor of Physics, MIT

Published onSep 17, 2019
David Kaiser

David Kaiser is Germeshausen Professor of the History of Science and Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His award-winning books include 'Drawing Theories Apart: The Dispersion of Feynman Diagrams in Postwar Physics' (2005), which traces how Richard Feynman's idiosyncratic approach to quantum theory became mainstream, and 'How the Hippies Saved Physics: Science, Counterculture, and the Quantum Revival' (2011), which focuses on physicists' efforts to understand strange phenomena like quantum entanglement. His newest book, 'Quantum Legacies: Dispatches from an Uncertain World,' will be published in spring 2020. He co-directs a research group in early-universe cosmology within MIT's Center for Theoretical Physics, and also helps to lead an international collaboration conducting new experiments to explore the foundations of quantum theory. A Fellow of the American Physical Society, Kaiser has received MIT's highest awards for excellence in teaching. He also serves as Chair of the Editorial Board of MIT Press. His work has been featured in Science, Nature, the New York Times, and the New Yorker magazine, as well as on NOVA television programs, National Public Radio, and the BBC.

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